Semi-Auto Can Seamers

Innovus 10 series semi-automatic can-seamers

The Innovus 10 series is a range of semi-automatic, manual or pneumatically-actuated motor-driven can closing machines. Manufactured entirely from non-corrosive food industry compliant 316 Stainless Steel, the Innovus 10 series machines are manufactured in the UK by Innovus Engineering Ltd, and can be employed in a selection of sealing processes: sealing in atmosphere, vacuum sealing, and vacuum sealing with gassing.

All of our Innovus 10 pneumatically-actuated models are designed to be fully compliant with European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines on food safety and hygiene. They are also CE Marked and supplied with an EU Declaration of Conformity

The Innovus 10 series is suitable for the seaming of tinplate, aluminium, paperboard and plastic cans and our machines are employed across a range of industrial sectors. Our can sealers are adaptable to many specialist uses including low speed production, laboratory applications, research and development projects and double seam evaluations.

All of the semi automatic seaming models in the range incorporate the industry-preferred clockwise can rotation and provide the highest possible number of first operation seaming revolutions, which ensures optimum double seam integrity.

Our Innovus 10 machines are designed to be user friendly and offer multiple adjustment options so that you can tailor the tin seamer to your requirements:

  • Both first and second operation seam alterations can be made using the easy access adjusting screws located in the top of the seaming head assembly
  • Seaming roll height can be set by using the threaded seaming roll pin and lock nut
  • Pin height is altered via the fine-threaded adjuster on the lifter shaft sleeve
  • Base pressure can be changed with the aid of an integral pressure adjusting nut on the lifter spring holder
  • Vacuum and gassing pressures are also operator configurable, and are monitored on each can seaming cycle

All of our seamers will handle a range of differing can heights, and include options for automatic can height adjustment, and fast can diameter changes

We have decades of experience in working with the international food and beverage production sectors and we have designed our Innovus 10 seamers to maximise hygiene during the can-seaming process all food grade grease lubrication and ‘sealed for life’ seaming rolls that do not require lubrication; a feature that will also help you to keep your maintenance costs down.

Where applicable, our Innovus 10 sealers are fitted with a Siemens Logo logic module based control system, and when you purchase a seamer from us, you can specify whether you require atmospheric, vacuum or vacuum and gassing seaming. All our Innovus 10 seamers are upgradeable and can be adapted to your changing requirements as your business grows.