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The Innovus family of can-closing machines is a range of semi and fully automatic, stainless steel can seamers. The word Innovus comes from the Latin meaning ‘Innovate’, which reflects our company ethos of striving to produce new machinery, using the latest engineering technology. Innovus can-sealers are manufactured here in the UK by Innovus Engineering. We are dedicated to driving improvements in hygienic equipment design for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, and our products are used around the globe in processes where quality, safety and adherence to rigid standards are crucial.

Companies operating in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries are required to meet particularly stringent rules on operating safety and hygiene. To enable our customers to adhere to these regulations, our Innovus can seamers are developed in accordance with the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines on hygienic design and food safety, as well as with internationally-recognized design standards. Innovus can seamers offer exceptional double seaming integrity with tinplate, aluminium, paperboard or plastic cans and ends, and can be employed in vacuum, vacuum and gassing, and standard atmospheric can closing applications.

In order to comply with the strict regulations on wash-down certified food packaging equipment, the frame fabrication, safety guarding and mechanical parts for our Innovus seamers are all manufactured from food grade 316 stainless steel, while the tooling is made from vacuum hardened 440C martensitic stainless steel. Our seamers can be washed using the same cleaning agents that you would use with can filling machines. Innovus can seamers incorporate the highest integrity double seam technology. A seam is created in two separate operations, with ninety per cent of the work done in the first stage. As companies operating in the food and beverage sectors are employing ever thinner and lighter can ends, it is vital to maximise the number of first operation revolutions in the can-seaming process to ensure that the end hook is formed smoothly, and that the desired level of low-amplitude wrinkles is achieved.

Uniquely, Innovus can seaming machines rotate the can in the industry-preferred clockwise direction thirteen times to achieve optimum first operation seam specifications, before the second operation finishes the seam-tightening process. Our factory-trained seamer technicians are available to supervise machine installation and the training of your personnel, and can play an important role in maintaining the operational integrity of your Innovus can-seamer.