Paint can seamers

The global paint and coating industry supplies paints and associated products to every industrial sector, from domestic decorative brands to motor vehicle paint, and canning is by far the most popular and effective method for transporting and storing paints.

The canning of pain and coatings requires thicker tinplate than that used in processed food but the precision of the can-seaming process is just as important as most paint product cans feature branding and decoration and these must not be damaged during sealing.

Our experience and expertise in the canning space has given us insight into the particular requirements of sectors such as the paint and coating industry. That’s why our Innovus tin sealers have been designed to cope with can diameters ranging from 50mm to 153mm, and with can heights of up to 300mm, enabling paint producers to precisely and effectively seam a variety of different can sizes using the same seaming machine.