Canning equipment for wine

Wine is perhaps the world’s oldest man-made beverage. Archaeologists have discovered tools used in the making of wine dating from 4100 BCE, and as our taste for wine has developed, the art of the winery and the vineyard has been refined over the centuries. The latest innovation in wine technology is the use of canning rather than bottling.

Canning is an effective way to protect the distinct quality of a wine, and as a fully recyclable packaging method, is environmentally friendly. It also offers a versatility and convenience for wine drinkers, enabling the purchase of wine in single or double servings.

But of all canned beverages, wine is the most delicate. Care must be taken throughout the canning process to protect the integrity and unique flavour of the product. As global canning experts, our decades of experience in working with the canned drinks industry enables us to provide a high quality wine canning solution, and our range of EU-compliant Innovus can seamers are used by many companies in the canned wine sector.