Industrial canning machines

The integrity of the canning process is particularly important in the canning of industrial products, which often involves hazardous materials. Our long experience of working in this sector, combined with our understanding of the industrial canning process make it possible for us to provide high quality canning solutions for a wide range of businesses.

A number of products and can types come into the category of industrial canning; an industry that can makers have traditionally served with general line cans.  

This category includes products as diverse as paint, automotive fluids, lacquers and solvents, pyrotechnics, radioactive products, chemicals, and cooking oils, but there are some common factors in the canning requirements for these products, the most notable being that the tinplate used to make the cans and ends is much thicker than that used for food cans.

Double seaming integrity is hugely important in industrial canning, particularly when it necessary to use modified atmosphere packing, and when dangerous liquids and radioactive materials are being canned. Most industrial product cans also display decorations and branding and it is important that these are not damaged in the canning process. Can seamer manufacturers in the industrial sector also have to accommodate a diversity of closures and end types.

At Innovus Engineering we have the technical competence to advise and assist you on can and closure specifications, the appropriate double seam specifications, and the applicable type and model of can closer for your industrial canning application. All Innovus tin sealers are designed to accommodate can diameters from 50mm to 153mm, and heights up to 300mm, which is a great advantage to the general line canning operation which routinely seams a diverse range of can sizes on the same can closing machine.

Both our Innovus 10 series semi-automatic can seamers and our fully automatic Innovus Linear Seamers are employed worldwide for general line canning uses. All Innovus can seamers are manufactured from 316 stainless steel to provide the highest protection possible when seaming cans containing corrosive or dangerous products. Our customers include the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment, the National Metrology Institute of South Africa, Continental Seeds in Nairobi, Kenya, along with Research and Development companies, government institutions and general line canners. When modified atmosphere packing (MAP) is specified, it often requires very low vacuum pressures in large can volumes. Our Innovus 10DVG vacuum can seamer was developed to deal specifically with these applications, and incorporates a full vacuum seaming chamber with door access in order to achieve vacuum pressures down to – 1000 mBar. It can also handle back flushing with nitrogen gas where required.

All Innovus can seamers are rugged and durable, designed to work with the most demanding applications, and are ideally suited for your industrial canning application. Innovus can seamers are built here in the United Kingdom by Innovus Engineering Ltd who have been providing equipment and support to the industrial canning industry since 1994. We will be happy to offer technical advice and assistance on can types and specifications, seamer tooling design, double seam specifications, and quality control practices associated with your purchase of an Innovus can seamer.