Our Seamers

Innovus Engineering have revolutionised the slow speed canning market with the new range of Innovus Seamers. Designed with EHEDG principles in mind, these seamers are hygienic, durable and engineered to produce the critical commercial double seam.

The seamers all incorporate the same seaming mechanism, first designed nearly 100 years ago. This cam driven seaming mechanism has stood the test of time, which is why we continued to adapt this design to meet the ever-changing requirements of can seaming.

The seaming heads are designed to be modular, allowing us to create a portfolio of machines to suit all types of canning, be it atmospheric, vacuum, gassing or beverage. We can also integrate these seaming heads into existing assembly lines or offer a stand-alone solution with can handling options.

All the seamers are manufactured from 316 stainless steel. This marine grade of stainless has the highest corrosive resistance, giving the machinery longevity and durability. All the framework is surface finished, either by machining or by electropolishing. The process for electropolishing involves first pickling the welded frame to remove the weld marks, and then dipping the frame into the electropolishing solution which removes the top layer of the material to leave a smooth, crevice free surface. This form of surface treatment is endorsed by EHEDG as being the most hygienic surface finish.

The vacuum and gassing technology is a modern take on the proven spring loaded seal employed on vacuum seamers for many years. We have instead designed an inflatable seal that seals around the can to create an air tight environment and produce a vacuum inside the chamber of -950 mBar.

The key advantage of Innovus seamers is that there are thirteen first operation revolutions, higher than many other seamers, which creates a smoother first operation roll. We manufacture our own seamer tooling from our own tooling drawing library, which gives us greater flexibility over roll profiles and other tooling.