Automatic Seamers

Innovus fully automatic linear can seamers are manufactured entirely from non-corrosive, food industry-compliant 316 Stainless Steel. They are designed to conform to European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines for food safety and are supplied with EU Declaration of Conformity.

Manufactured in the UK by Innovus Engineering, the Innovus canning machines are suitable for seaming tinplate, aluminium, paperboard and plastic cans. They offer the highest production integrity of any automatic can seamer design and can keep running on a reduced number of seaming stations if one is removed for set-up or maintenance. To maximise hygiene and minimise maintenance, our machines use ‘sealed for life’ seaming rolls that do not require lubrication.

Cans are fed into the Innovus machine via a timing spiral and pitched onto a stainless steel horizontal feed chain with a servo motor drive system. As a can comes to rest under the seaming head, the pneumatically actuated lifter raises the can up through the end feed assembly to pick-up the end and enter the seaming chamber.

For vacuum seaming a silicone seal is inflated around the can body, and the vacuum port is opened until the vacuum pressure sensor signals the target vacuum pressure is achieved. If gassing is required, the chamber is then flooded with Nitrogen gas to the specified pressure.

The can and end are clamped onto the stationary seaming chuck, and the double seaming operation is initiated. After seaming, the closed can is lowered back down onto the can track, and the transfer chain indexes one pitch to bring the next can into position underneath each seaming station. The chain will index twice before all the seamed cans are transferred out of the machine, replaced by the next set of cans to be seamed.

Our modular Innovus machines can be supplied with one to six seaming stations to suit your requirements. Each seaming stations offers clockwise can rotation and the highest possible number of first operation revolutions to provide optimum double seam integrity.

Seaming stations can be tooled for different can diameters, facilitating fast change-overs and reduced downtime for size changes. Each station also features the Siemens PLC based control system networked with Siemens Logo logic module, touch screen operator interface panel, and PILZ-based electrically-interlocked safety circuits.
The Innovus can seamers are designed to allow for easy adjustments:

  • Vacuum and gassing pressures are operator configurable, and are monitored on each can seaming cycle
  • All of our seamers will handle a range of differing can heights, and include options for automatic can height adjustment, and fast can diameter changes
  • First and second operation seam adjustments are facilitated using easy access adjusting screws in the seaming head assembly
  • Seaming roll height is set via the threaded seaming roll pin and lock nut
  • Pin height is altered using a fine threaded adjuster on the lifter shaft sleeve
  • Base pressure changes are made with the integral pressure adjusting nut on the lifter spring holder

All Innovus linear automatic can seamer models are vacuum and gassing seaming capable. Precise vacuum and gassing pressures are operator configurable, and are monitored during each can seaming cycle. Customers can also specify if they require atmospheric, vacuum or vacuum and gassing seaming; and all machines are fully upgradable.