Cider canning machines

When the Romans arrived on British soil in 55BC they received a hostile reception, but one of the compensations for their struggles against the Ancient Britons was the discovery of cider. The locals had found a way to produce this delicious alcoholic drink from the fruit of apple trees and the thirsty invaders took to it with relish. Cider is now savoured by drinkers all over the world, and in recent years, it has enjoyed an explosion in popularity, mirroring the boom in craft beers.

Like many micro beer-brewers, cider producers have found that cans are more effective in protecting their product from light and oxygen than bottles, and our Innovus can seamers – employed by cider canners worldwide – are designed to handle the lightweight cans used in the production of cider. We also have models that can be incorporated into production lines that use both bottles and cans.