Pharmaceutical canning

The pharmaceutical sector is a fiercely competitive space and for companies operating in this market, using a high quality, reliable and efficient packing process to ensure the quality and integrity of your pharmaceutical product is essential to your success.

Our long experience of working with pharmaceutical companies and tub manufacturers gives us considerable insight into the issues and processes involved with tub sealing of pharmaceutical raw materials, pills, powders and medical and veterinary supplies. We can provide you with the tub-seaming equipment and advice you need to protect your product.

The canning of pharmaceutical products is a complicated process, partly because filling properties can vary depending on constitution and density. Manufacturing conditions can also have an effect on how easy a pharmaceutical product is to fill and seal. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry depends on sealing machines that have been specially designed to handle pharmaceutical products with accuracy and efficiency.

To reduce the danger of contamination or quality degradation, pharmaceutical products are filled and sealed under strict hygiene conditions, and according to European and international regulations. The sealing and seaming machines used in the filling process must also comply with industry and international regulations, and all of our Innovus VGP tub sealer model are designed to meet all relevant guidelines and regulations.

Hygiene and safety standards are vital to guaranteeing product quality, as is the integrity of the modified atmosphere inside the tub. Air includes 21% oxygen, which can cause some pharmaceutical products to deteriorate, through direct oxidation or by facilitating enzyme-related degradation or the growth of micro-organisms.

Gassing has become the standard process employed in filling pharmaceutical products. Our Innovus VGP tub closers employ what is known as the ‘open can’ process, under which tubs are vacuumed and gassed while in the seaming chamber before the tub is double seamed. With this method, the tub never leaves the atmosphere of the chamber, which helps to ensure very low residual oxygen levels. It also offers significantly lower gas consumption than is the case with pre-gassing or in-line gassing systems.

Our Innovus machines are designed and manufactured here in the United Kingdom by Innovus Engineering Ltd, who have been involved in supplying the international pharmaceutical tub-filling sector since 1994. All of the machines have been specially developed to be able to handle the varying properties of pharmaceutical products, including capsules, pills, powders, medical supplies and pharmaceutical raw materials. They offer an effective, modern filling solution that can ensure the safety and integrity of your product.

If you would like to purchase an Innovus tub seamer, we are able to offer any technical advice or support regarding specifications, seamer tooling design, or quality control practices.