Canning machines for fish

The importance of oily fish to a healthy diet has long been known and canned fish is a staple of the processed food industry. Supermarkets stock a fantastic variety of canned fish on their shelves, from tuna to sardines, and tinned fish is an enduringly popular comestible.

To ensure that canned fish retains its quality and integrity, the seaming process must be carried out with precision and safety. The high pressure steam that is used to raise the temperature of the food to ensure sterilisation can put intense pressure on the double seams at both ends of the can. It is also important that the can remains hermetically sealed and that the double seaming itself complies with the can maker’s specifications.

We have been supplying can sealers to the processed food industry since 1994 and our experience has enabled us to develop a range of can seamers capable of handling any can specification, and of delivering high-quality and robust double seaming solutions.