Lube Oil

Lubricating oil is an essential component in a wide variety of modern industries. From synthetic and mineral lubricants to cutting fluids; high performance grease to compressor oils, industrial lubricants play a vital role in keeping production lines running.

The sheer variety of lubricants used in modern industry places extreme demands on oil manufacturers and can makers, which is why we have created a range of Innovus can seamers capable of providing robust and high precision double-seaming for all applications.

All Innovus can sealers are durable and reliable, designed to provide can seaming solutions for every kind of industrial oil product, and are able to handle can diameters from 50mm to 153mm, which make them ideal for production lines that require the seaming of a range of can sizes. We can also provide technical advice and guidance on any aspect of the can sealing process, from specifications to seamer tooling design and quality control practices.