Canning equipment for cat food

After freshwater fish, cats are the second most common domestic pets in the world, and as our understanding of the dietary needs of cats increases, there is a growing demand for high quality, nutritious canned cat food.

One of the most important aspects of canned cat food production is the sterilisation of the can. This is carried out in a special retort, where high pressure steam creates temperatures that are high enough to destroy any bacteria or spores in the cat food. But although this is a vital part of the production process, it places a lot of pressure on the seams that seal the can.

To ensure that the can retains its integrity and remains hermetically sealed, the double seaming used must fit with the can specifications. Our ongoing relationships with can manufacturers and the pet food industry have helped us to develop our range of Innovus can seamers that will work with a wide range of can specifications to ensure that the tinned cat food product is safe from contaminants or deterioration.