Canning machines for baby food

Canning is an ideal way to preserve and protect the quality of baby food products, but as all companies operating in this sector know, hygiene is of paramount importance. Our Innovus can sealers are manufactured wholly from 316 stainless steel and conform to the rigorous design and engineering rules set by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), ensuring that the sealing process is carried out with precision and safety.

When it comes to canning baby food, the integrity of the in-can atmosphere is also crucial. If this is not carefully maintained, oxygen can cause the deterioration of fats, vitamins and flavours through oxidation, enzyme damage or micro-organism growth. Our Innovus can closers employ a vacuum process to remove oxygen from the can before the end is double-seamed. This leads to extremely low levels of residual oxygen and protects the flavour and integrity of the baby food product.