Canning machines and equipment for tomatoes

The tomato is one of the world’s most versatile vegetables, and its ubiquity as a food staple, and as a base for sauces, has led to a huge and consistent global demand for canned tomato products. Wander along the aisles of any supermarket and you will find a bewildering array of tinned tomato options from whole tomatoes to chopped and flavoured tomatoes.

As with all canned foods, the integrity of the tomato canning process is vital to maximise the quality and nutritional value of the product. Our Innovus can sealers provide precision double-sealing for a wide variety of can and can end specifications.

And to minimise the risk of residual oxygen leading to the growth of aerobic bacteria spores, our innovative Innovus V series vacuum seamers are able to produce in-can vacuum pressures down to 1,000 mBar, which helps to ensure extremely low oxygen values and an in-can atmosphere that will preserve the flavour and safety of your tinned tomatoes.