Beer and beverage canning machines

Brewers and drink producers alike finally have a choice of small scale canning options that meet their budget, exceed their build quality expectations and guarantee a commercial quality double seam using top-level industry seaming mechanisms.

Innovus Engineering have carried out intensive market research through discussions with numerous respected breweries, who advised two key requirements when purchasing canning machinery; hygiene and dissolved oxygen. As a result, Innovus have heavily invested in the pursuit of over achieving in both these key areas.


The Innovus range of beer and beverage equipment is designed to EHEDG standards for maximum hygiene compliance. All of the machinery is manufactured from 316 stainless steel for ultimate corrosive resistance. Additionally, all frame work is manufactured from round pipe, to avoid liquid pooling. The frame is also pickled and then electropolished after fabrication, to achieve a smoother finish.

The low dissolved oxygen is achieved through innovative measures. Gas tubes have been integrated into the filling valves to pre-purge and post fill gas injection. The cans also pass through a gassing tunnel prior to collecting the lid, creating a CO2 blanket in the headspace of the can.

Innovus Engineering have created options available to all scales of user. The 10BEVM caters for the micro-brewery, filling a few hundred cans, up to the CF25, producing thousands of cans per production run.

As a UK manufacturer, Innovus can offer localised support and spare parts, available on a next day delivery, ensuring your production is never halted for long. To highlight the local manufacture of parts and machinery, Innovus has registered with the Made in Britain marque.