The CF10 is a new compact, EHDEG compliant canning machine that is suited for beer and beverage producers looking for a semi-automated canning option.

Rated for up to 10 cans per minute, the CF10 is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel.

DO levels are less than 30 ppb, achieved with pre-purge and post-fill gas injection.

Can are loaded on to the filling platforms, two at a time, by hand.

Once the cans are in position, the operator pushes and holds the two buttons in front of the filling station. The valves lower down into the cans and the CO2 is released into the can to push out the oxygen. After a set time, the filling valve opens to start filling the cans.

The cans are filled by either weight or time. The filling platforms are each sat on a load cell, which is repeatable to +/- 1 gram.

Once the pre-determined weight or time is reached, the filling valves close. The valves lift out of the cans. Once clear of the top of the can, a final jet of CO2 is released, to foam the top of the product, to clear the head space of any oxygen.

The lids are then applied to the cans by hand before transferring the cans to the middle table.

The operator can then move to the seaming station, or if being used by two operators, the can is picked from the table, and placed on the seamer lifter plate, one at a time.

The operator then pushes and holds the buttons in front of the seaming station. The can lifts up onto the seaming chuck where the can starts rotating. The seaming rolls then engage, completing the seaming cycle. The can lowers back to the start position and the can is removed by hand.

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CF10 Canning Machine
CF10 Canning Machine

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