Innovus 10A

The Innovus 10A is a motor-driven pneumatically-actuated can closing machine that is used for the in-atmosphere double seaming of empty or filled cans.

Industrial applications of the Innovus 10A

The Innovus 10A can sealer model is popular with canning and production companies across a number of sectors. It is a versatile can seamer that is ideally suited for low speed can closing in numerous applications, ranging from food production to industrial products. The Innovus 10A tin closer is also widely used in secondary applications, such as research and development, staff training, and double seam analysis.

Special features

  • Constructed from all food grade 316 stainless steel
  • Suitable for tinplate, aluminium, paperboard, and plastic can seaming.
  • Twin button pneumatic actuation system for increased operator safety
  • Can be integrated with Innovus fully automatic linear seamers
  • Rotating can seaming operation with single first and second operation seaming rolls
  • High rate of first operation revolutions to give optimum double seam integrity
  • Industry-preferred clockwise can rotation
  • Double-row, angular contact, sealed-for-life seaming roll bearings
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of can heights
  • Quick and easy adjustment of can diameter sizes
  • Food grade grease lubrication to safeguard hygiene
  • Complies with European Hygienic Engineering Design Group food safety rules
  • Provided with CE Mark and EU Declaration of Conformity

Innovus 10A can sealer technical data

  • Can diameter range: 50 – 153mm
  • Can height range: 50 – 250mm
  • Speed: Up to 10cpm
  • AC motor power: 1.1kW
  • Air supply pressure: 5 Bar
  • Net weight: 150kg

Innovus 10A Gallery

10A seamer

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