Nuclear can seamers

As the global economy continues to expand, our demand for new sources of energy to replace our planet’s dwindling fossil fuel resources has increasingly led industry and government to turn to the nuclear option. Nuclear energy is used to power homes and factories around the globe, but the industry also produces hazardous waste that has to be disposed of. The sealing of nuclear waste and radioactive substances in cans is a long standing industry application, but it places a huge demand on the integrity of the double seaming process, which must be robust and precise enough to ensure the dangerous materials are protected.

We supply can seaming machines to a number of customers operating in the hazardous materials sector, including the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment. Our Innovus can seamers are designed to be able to handle the unique demands of sealing cans containing radioactive material, and are manufactured entirely from 316 stainless steel; ensuring that they offer the highest possible protection from radioactive contamination.