Meat canning equipment

Since the first canned meat products were produced in the early nineteenth century, consumers have benefited from this hygienic and convenient method of storing meat. From SPAM to hotdogs and beef chunks, the range of canned meats available today is enormous.

Food safety is paramount when canning meat, and it is vital to ensure that in-can oxygen levels are as low as possible to prevent the growth of any residual aerobic bacteria spores. Our Innovus V can sealers employ vacuum seaming to remove oxygen from the can, producing in-can vacuum pressures as low as 1,000 mBar and extremely low oxygen levels.

We know the importance of the integrity and reliability of the filling process to tinned food safety, no matter how many tins you are producing each day. Our Innovus seamers can be employed in the production of canned meat for long stretches of time without requiring regular maintenance or corrections, and are designed to cope with any can specifications.