Canning equipment for dog food

The relationship between domesticated dogs and humans has endured for centuries. Millions of people around the world share their homes with pet dogs and while most dogs will be prepared to eat a variety of meat products, the convenience and nutritional benefits of canned dog food have been long understood by dog owners.

When producing canned dog food, it is essential to ensure a high quality canning process to reduce the risk of food-borne pathogens being introduced into the product, and our Innovus seamers offer a precision-sealing solution that can handle a variety of can types. High temperature steam is often used to sterilise dog food but if the temperatures are too high, the food can be spoiled.

The Innovus V series vacuum can sealer offers an effective alternative, producing in-can pressures down to 1,000 mBar and extremely low residual oxygen count, helping to protect the food’s quality by preventing the growth of aerobic spores.