Pet food canning equipment

Whatever form of pet food you produce, the canning process is of critical importance to the quality of your company’s product. You want to ensure the highest possible quality of can seaming to maintain the safety of your pet food, and our long experience in the canned foods industry, working with pet food producers and canning manufacturers has given us a deep knowledge and understand of the pet food canning process.

An important factor in pet food production is thermal sterilisation of the pet food can. This takes place in a retort, where steam is used at high pressure to create temperatures high enough to kill off potentially contaminating bacteria and spores. This essential process puts a heavy strain on the seams that are used to seal the can at top and bottom.

In order to ensure that the can remains hermetically sealed and is not at risk of environmental microflora recontamination, the cannery has to follow a careful quality control procedure, and make sure that the double seaming on the can matches the can specifications.

We have been supplying the pet food industry with can seamers and can sealing tooling since 1994 and have established productive relationships with can makers from around the world, which enables us to guarantee close adherence to can makers’ specifications throughout the process of building, tooling and commissioning your can closer. Our Innovus A series atmospheric sealers are designed to fully comply with your can suppliers’ specifications, and can be employed over a long periods of time without the need for regular maintenance.

The integrity of the pet food canning process also plays a role in minimising the risk of transmission of food-borne pathogens. Pet food can spoil if the temperatures during processing are too high so one alternative option is to use vacuum sealing, which ensures that oxygen is removed from the can, forestalling the growth of any aerobic spores that remain. With our Innovus V series vacuum can sealers, you can obtain guaranteed in-can vacuum pressures of down to 1,000 mBar, offering extremely low residual oxygen levels.

All of our Innovus linear can seamers are designed and manufactured to comply with European guidelines on food safety and hygiene, and each of our tin sealing machines is built completely from 316 stainless steel. Our sealers are used throughout the industry, by companies producing every kind of pet food, from cat food to dry dog food.

Innovus canners are built in the United Kingdom by Innovus Engineering Ltd, who have been operating in the international canning industry for over twenty years. We will be delighted to offer any technical assistance you need with your Innovus can sealer purchase, from advice on can types, end types and specifications to quality control.