Canning equipment for processed food

Whether your company is supplying tinned fruit, tinned meat or tinned vegetables, we know how important the canning process is to you and to the can foods industry. High quality seaming of your processed food cans is essential to ensure that your canned food retains its quality and safety. Our expertise in the field of canned foods is built on an in-depth knowledge of the tinning process, and a dedication to the science of can seaming.

Thermal sterilisation of a food can is carried out in a retort. High pressure steam is used to achieve sufficient temperature to kill off any contaminating bacteria and related spores, but this process puts intense strain on the double seams at the top and bottom end of the can.

The cannery has to maintain a comprehensive quality control process to keep the can hermetically sealed and to prevent environmental microflora recontamination. The double seaming used to seal the can also has to comply with the can maker’s specifications.

As a supplier of can seamers and tooling to the food industry since 1994 we have long-standing relationships with can makers across all continents, which enables us to ensure strict adherence to their specifications at every stage of our process from manufacturing to tooling and commissioning of your double seamer.

We understand the paramount importance of the integrity of the canning process to tinned food safety, whether you are canning 100 or 100,000 tins a day. Our Innovus A series atmospheric seamers are guaranteed to comply with your can suppliers’ double seam standards and specifications, and can be used in production for long periods without the need for regular maintenance or adjustments.

We know that canned meat, canned fish, canned fruit and canned vegetables will be spoiled if temperatures are too high during processing, and vacuum seaming is one alternative method used to ensure that oxygen inside the can is removed, preventing the growth of any remaining aerobic bacteria spores. Our Innovus V series vacuum can seamers guarantee in-can vacuum pressures down to 1,000 mBar, providing exceptionally low residual oxygen values.

Our Innovus linear tin sealers are designed and built in compliance with the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines on food safety and hygiene, and all of our can closing machines are manufactured wholly from 316 stainless steel. Our seamers are widely used throughout the processed food canning industry by companies specialising in every kind of processed food canning from meat canning and fish canning to vegetable canning and fruit canning.

Innovus canners are made in the United Kingdom by Innovus Engineering Ltd, who have been serving the international can making and canning industry since 1994. We are happy to offer any technical assistance you may require regarding your Innovus can sealer purchase, including advice on can types, end types and specifications, seamer tooling design, double seam specifications, or quality control and equipment.

Understanding the science behind food processing is essential to preventing foodborne illness – The Grocery Manufacturers Association of America