Innovus 10M

The Innovus 10M is a motor driven manually actuated tin closing machine used for the in-atmosphere double seaming of empty or filled cans.

Applications of the Innovus 10M can seamer

This versatile Innovus 10M model tin sealer is popular across a number of sectors of industry and is particularly well-adapted for can-seaming in a low-speed production environment. The Innovus 10M is employed in a variety of industries, ranging from canned food production to the seaming of tinned industrial products. It is also used by many companies for research and development, double seam analysis work and the training of production operatives.

Innovus 10M can closer special features

  • Made from all food grade 316 stainless steel
  • Able to handle the seaming of tinplate, aluminium, paperboard, and plastic cans
  • Incorporates rotating can seaming using single first and second operation rolls
  • Maximised number of first operation revolutions to boost seam integrity
  • Employs industry standard clockwise can rotation
  • Double-row angular contact sealed-for-life roll bearings
  • Handles a range of can heights with easy adjustment
  • Can diameter changes within 15 minutes
  • Uses food grade grease lubrication
  • Displays CE mark and comes with EU Declaration of Conformity

Technical data for the Innovus 10M

  • Can diameter range: 50 – 153mm
  • Can height range: 50 – 250mm
  • Speed: Up to 10cpm
  • AC motor power: 1.1kW
  • Net weight: 130kg

Innovus 10M Gallery

10M semi-automatic can seamer
INOX 10M Seamer

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