The CF25 is a new compact, EHDEG compliant canning line that is suited for beer and beverage producers looking for an automated canning option.

Rated for up to 25 cans per minute, the CF25 is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel.

DO% levels are less than 25 ppb, achieved with pre-purge, gassing tunnel and under cover gassing.

Cans are fed into the machine by either a depalletiser or loading onto the conveyor by hand.

The cans are transferred on the conveyor underneath the filling valves. The cans are held in position and the valves are lowered into the cans. The CO2 purges the cans to remove all the oxygen and then the valves are opened to allow the beer to flow.

The volume of beer is controlled using volumetric flow valves for the most accurate fill level. Once the fill level has been reached, the cans travel on the conveyor through the gassing tunnel to keep any oxygen out of the can.

The lid is collected by the can while simultaneously a final jet of CO2 is placed underneath the lid.

The can is seamed before being pushed through the rinser to remove any excess liquid from the can.

Finally, the can passes through the air knives which blow the water down the can body to leave a clean, sealed can at the end of the conveyor.