Ancillary Equipment

Innovus Engineering have the ability to supply full line solutions, including can handling components such as depalletisers, conveyors and labelling equipment.

Depalletisers, developed for the beer and beverage machinery, are a cost effective solution for automated can loading into the line, which also increases the capacity output. Developed in early 2019, the Innovus Depalletiser is a compact, mobile unit designed for compatibility with short pallets of cans.

Innovus also integrates 3rd party machinery, recently installing a craft beer canning line that included a linear wraparound labeller from local manufacturer Atwell Labellers. Innovus designed and engineered a transfer system to ensure that cans passed smoothly from the core unit to the labeller with minimal interference. The wraparound labeller was included in the Innovus scope of supply to ensure that the customer receives a turnkey solution.

Conveyors are designed in house to suit the customers exact requirements. We can manufacture conveyors to different lengths, widths, heights and even with curves. Belt material and guide strip material is also taken into account, for different applications and processes.

Other ancillary equipment offered includes date coders, weighing scales, shrink sleeve equipment and can rinsers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.