Innovus 10BEVM Seamer Reaches New High

An Innovus 10BEVM craft beer table top seamer has been delivered to Malvern Hills Brewery Ltd which perched high on the northern slopes of the Malvern Hills is probably the highest brewery in England, at over 600 feet above sea level.

MHB brewer and owner Julian Hawthornthwaite established the brewery in an old quarryman’s gunpowder store back in September 1998, and is responding to the growing demand for canned craft beer by investing in a bespoke can filling system, the Innovus 10BEVM can seamer, and a shrink sleeve can labeller.

Julian brews a range of premium bitters, golden and darker ales, as well as the much loved and enjoyed Priessnitz Lager. There is also a range of seasonal beers, including a Sozzled Santa and Swedish Nightingale. MHB are sourcing their 330ml cans from Crown Bevcan (UK) PLC, with the Crown manufactured 202 diameter ISE/CDL ends distributed by Innovus Engineering, who manufacture the Innovus family of can closing machines, a range of all stainless steel semi-automatic and fully automatic can sealers originally developed for food canning applications.

Innovus Engineering quickly responded to the interest from the craft beer market and launched the Innovus 10BEVM table top beverage can seamer as an entry level solution for brewers wishing to respond to the unprecedented demand for their beers in cans, and as an alternative solution to shipping beers out to contract canners, or bringing in a mobile canning service.

An arrangement was established with Crown Bevcan for Innovus Engineering to stock and distribute their beverage cans and ends to customers using their craft beer canners, as the order quantities associated with this type of production are normally far less than Crown are set-up to respond to.

The Innovus 10BEVM is CE Marked and supplied with an EU Declaration of Conformity as is the legal requirement, and is all 316 stainless steel construction to comply with UK and EU food and drink hygiene and safety standards.