Innovus 10BEVM Seamer for New Beverage Can Making Line

Crown Bevcan France SAS has taken delivery of an Innovus 10BEVM table top beverage can seamer from Innovus Engineering Ltd for their can making plant in Custines.

The seamer was employed by Crown during the commissioning of a second DWI can making line at their beverage can plant in Custines, for double seaming cans on-site for drop and can abuse resistance tests. Prior to purchase of the 10BEVM the commissioning engineers had to send cans back to Crown Packaging PLC’s R&D facility at Wantage in the UK to be seamed and then returned to Custines. The availability of the Innovus 10BEVM seamer cut out the turnaround time and the transport costs to help Crown ensure the commercial start-up of the line in April 2017. The installation of this second high speed aluminum production line at Custines, completes the plant’s conversion from steel to aluminum. Drop Tests and Can Abuse Resistance Tests (CART) are used to predict if the cans will resist an impact from a desired height.

Innovus can seamers are a range of all stainless steel machines manufactured by Innovus Engineering in the UK to comply with UK and EU food safety and hygiene standards for the food and beverage can filling industries. The Innovus model 10BEVM was launched at the PPMA Total Show at the NEC Birmingham in September last year and has been enthusiastically received by the craft beer market, with the original batch of five machines sold prior to assembly. 10BEVM’s are now employed in UK breweries and as far afield as South Korea.

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